Agent: Nadia Ryan

Available in our showroom

08/01 - 02/02 | 2024


Cruise : 05/06 – 30/06 | 2023
Main : 10/07 – 04/08 | 2023

NOTSHY came about thanks to two knitwear lovers: Olivier Criq and Jean-Pascal Candau.

Together, they founded the brand in 1998 with the goal of shaking up cashmere codes. The two friends and partners understood and anticipated the future of cashmere knitwear. The company’s growth was kick-started thanks to Olivier Criq’s business and management skills combined with Jean-Pascal Candau’s technical and style expertise.

NOTSHY knows precisely how to elevate cashmere by combining rarity, lightness, softness and creativity.

No more outdated clothes! NOTSHY is not afraid to offer a bold and original collection by matching cashmere with leather, suede, silk, lace, or embroidery. We love to wear its cardigans, ponchos, jumpers, dresses and colourful rock-chic accessories. NOTSHY unleashes its imagination and defies trends to offer glamorous and understated looks without being eccentric.

NOTSHY is bohemian, cheeky, surprising, always very feminine, and sure to win you over.