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Sporty and elegant, K-Way fashion embodies a timeless style with impeccable lines.

After over 45 years of history, the traditional windbreaker is improving its image to be part of even the most stylish wardrobes. A redesigned classic, K-Way has emerged like a timeless treasure previously buried in our childhood garden.

Companion of committed travellers, ally of affirmed athletes and accessory of choice for young adventurers, the legendary nylon raincoat is all the rage. Once adored for its technical and functional characteristics tucked away in a pouch, K-Way is reinterpreting fashion conventions with unbridled energy. The French-turned-Italian raincoat was created in 1965 by Léon-Claude Duhamel and since then has been reinvented while remaining loyal to the nostalgic spirit of its fans by conserving its history and expertise.

Offering collections for the young and the young-at-heart, K-Way punctuates our drab landscapes with sunny fabrics and colours. With its coveted designs escaping the sad fate of more unremarkable raincoats, K-Way’s are reversible, dressed in new fabrics and modern prints. From trendy chic to unexpectedly sporty, from simple to avant-garde, from short or long belted cuts to wider shapes, it creates and recreates windbreaker jackets in styles that are sure to make a splash in your wardrobe. Faithful to its sense of detail, the famous founding company has moved away from its basic and sporty roots, aiming to be a sign of quality, appearing in the most prestigious stores in the Benelux.