Agent: Aurélie Kersschot

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15/01 - 16/02 | 2024


Founded in 2002 in its Parisian workshop, Denim Studio has a unique way of thinking about fashion.

With partners who have over 30 years of experience in the denim industry, quality is their obsession.

As a more responsible brand, avoiding overproduction is of utmost importance to Denim Studio. It produces clothes on demand and in short cycles together with their master dyer in France.

Some 90% of the materials Denim Studio uses are natural, 10% of which are from materials with a low environmental footprint such as linen, rayon and lyocell. Cotton is the main material used, and all of its suppliers are BCI-certified (Better Cotton Initiative). They choose their materials according to their rendering and touch quality, strength, impact on the final price, and environmental impact.