Agent: Arnaud Schockaert

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22/01 - 01/03 | 2024


Sweet Pants makes only one unisex, timeless item: tracksuits.

Available in a range of colours, cuts and materials, the Sweet Pants jogging bottoms are just as stylish as wearing jeans or trousers. Sweet Pants could even be the compromise between children who want comfort and parents who want style.

The creators of the brand, Benjamin Kalfon and Jacky Attal, noticed that jogging bottoms were very popular and best-selling items. Despite people’s love of jogging bottoms, they often lacked originality due to the market’s limited choices. Both on the runway and at home, their cut, material and shape have always stayed the same.

The duo decided to create clothing inspired by jogging bottoms that were very popular at the time and make a high-end range using quality materials, revolutionising the very basis of the style. This inspiration led to the arrival of Sweet Pants in 2012.