Sweet Pants is at once a brand and a product. Sweet Pants only makes a single product that is unisex and timeless: sweatpants. Available in a range of colours, fits and materials, Sweet Pants jogging bottoms are as stylish as a pair of trousers or jeans. Sweet Pants may even be the compromise that children wanting comfort and parents wanting style are looking for.


An observation behind the creation of the Sweet Pants brand: Benjamin Kalfon and Jacky Attal noticed that jogging bottoms were much loved items and are big sellers, but despite the enthusiasm they aroused, lacked originality as the market offered very little variety. On the catwalks and at home, their cut, material and shape remained the same. So they decided to create a garment inspired by jogging bottoms which were very popular at the time, and make a high-end range from top-quality materials, thus revolutionising the very basis of the style. This inspiration resulted in the arrival of Sweet Pants in 2012.
The launch of their first jogging bottoms was met with instant success, and Benjamin and Jacky realised that their pieces were also being worn by women, who gave the garment a more sophisticated twist. This inspired them to launch a new range with a closer fit and in colourful models. A range that would soon be extended with the arrival of a collection of children’s jogging bottoms.
Their first jogging bottoms were unisex, loved by men seeking style and comfort, but also by women. Sweet Pants jogging bottoms have become an essential for all generations, as their sizes start from aged 2. Despite this dazzling debut, Sweet Pants is still a growing brand that you’re sure to hear more from: their jogging bottoms have already taken the Japanese and Scandinavian markets by storm, where the most original jogging bottoms with looser fits and more quirky prints are experiencing resounding success.